Financial inclusion

We want to ensure that you know how to contact us if you are struggling with your finances. Our team will always provide the most up-to-date information about any benefits or additional help that may be available to you.

To help you keep a track of your incoming and outgoing spends, we’ve created an income and expenditure form, which you can find here.

Moving from tax credits to universal credit

If you receive tax credits, income support, housing benefit only or job seekers allowance, you may receive a letter from the DWP or HMRC, referring to ‘managed migration’.

This letter will explain that you will need to move from tax credits to universal credit (UC) within three months. When you claim, you will get ‘Transitional Protection’ to top-up your UC payments. This ensures that no one will be worse off when moving over.

If you need help understanding why, how, and when you need to move over to UC, our Financial Inclusion team is on hand to help. If you want to discuss your options, please call the team on 0300 3300 900 extension 7305 or email

Our advice

Our advice around the cost of living plays an important role in supporting our residents facing financial challenges. Our support fund is there to help you cope with the rising expenses associated with housing, utilities, and other essential needs.

It’s open to residents and shared owners who are struggling with their finances. It provides temporary relief from genuine hardship and is not intended as a means of long-term support. There are specific criteria that need to be met.

In 2023 – 2024 our support fund helped 1,556 residents, equating to just over £250,000. This money has helped with:

• Fuel and energy costs
• Food/supermarket vouchers
• Purchasing appliances and furniture
• Support with tenancy sustainment

We are making some changes to our support fund for 2024/2025 and we will update you on these on our website and social media. In the meantime, please give our Financial Inclusion team a call, to discuss your eligibility.

How our support fund has helped you

Mr G was previously homeless and in temporary accommodation.  He is an amputee and therefore had an increased risk of falls. He also needed help with carpeting his home £600 was given to cover carpet and fitting.  We also worked with him to apply to his Local Welfare Assistance scheme to help purchase a new cooker. We are continuing to work with him to maximise his income going forward.

Miss L contacted us for help with food as her maternity pay had ended, We conducted a full welfare assessment, as she was struggling with her finances. We were able to give her a £200 Argos voucher which was used to purchase items for her baby and a £275 supermarket voucher to help her free up some money so she could catch up on bills.

Mr H was in an unfortunate bike accident in 2023 which left him needing treatment to his teeth. He was very distrusting of professionals and was reluctant to engage. We offered him £150 of shopping vouchers to help him with food and we completed a welfare assessment at his home. We gave him a £200 voucher to help purchase rugs for his home, as well as continuing to work with him to maximise his income. We were also able to refer him to a dentist, for which he has now received an appointment, as well as helping him with his Home-Link application.

“We can’t thank you enough for your help. We have now been able to put our gas back on and do a big food shop. Thank you for helping me make this situation a bit easier.” – Anonymous resident

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