Is your home winter ready?

Did you know that in August 2022, we received only 93 calls for emergency boiler repairs, most related to a lack of hot water?

In September, this doubled with 192 emergency calls, almost all relating to people finding their heating did not work when a cold snap hit. In October 2022, this increased to 289! This is because when the cold weather starts, people begin to use their boilers/heating, and it’s only then that issues are picked up.

Our priority is making sure you and your family have heating and hot water when you need it most.

By carrying out some quick checks now and identifying any issues at this time of year, it could stop you from being left in the cold and having to wait longer for any issues to be resolved.

To make sure your heating is working as it should, all you need to do is turn your heating on and raise your thermostat to above room temperature. Keep this on for 15 minutes, and if you notice any issues, report these to our Repairs team. You can do this by:

Hints and tips to stay safe and warm this winter

Keep up to date with your boiler service

Boiler servicing is the best way to keep your boiler working effectively and efficiently. This not only keeps you warm through the winter, it can also save you money! Our engineers can identify any issues that may cause a future breakdown and get these sorted before a bigger issue occurs.

It’s important that you allow access to our engineers to carry out your boiler service and safety check when it is due. We can’t fix any issues you have if we can’t get to the boiler.

Draughtproof doors and windows

Even with your heating running efficiently, you can still lose heat through your doors and windows.

Draft excluders are a cheap and effective way of winter-proofing your doorways – a rolled-up towel or blanket will do the trick!

If you can still feel a draught coming through your windows or doors, report this to our Repairs team, and we’ll come out and inspect them for you.

The perfect temperature

The Energy Saving Trust recommends heating your home between 18 – 21°C during the winter, with 20 °C the optimum to anyone with vulnerabilities. if you think this might be difficult for you because of high utility bills, please speak to our Welfare and Benefits team, you can do so on or by calling 0300 3300 900 and entering extension number 7305.

Have a plan B!

Do you know where your stopcock is?

Familiarise yourself with the location of your stopcock and make sure you can access it easily. It’s usually a little tap or lever generally found under your sink. Anglian Water has an excellent guide for stopcocks/taps on their website.

In the event of a burst pipe, you will know how to turn off the water and prevent further damage to your belongings and home.

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