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Contracts Available to PAE Members
Parking Enforcement Flyer Nov 07
Arboricultural Services Framework
Clearance and Cleaning
Commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles Outright Purchase
Construction Consultancy Conditions of Supply Contract
Construction Consultancy Flyer
Grounds Maintenance Equipment
New Flyer - Corporate Wear
Plastic Sacks
Park and Playground Equipment (Tender Document)
Park and Playground Equipment (Winners Play)
Personal Protective Equipment
Refuse Freighter Outright Purchase
Refuse Freighter Hire
Road Sweepers
Staff Cars
Waste Management Flyer Nov 07
Car Parking Equipment
Marketplace Information
EMP Catalogues
Marketplace Suppliers
Marketplace Users
Essex Marketplace Protocol
EGS Exchange Supplier Report
EMP Total April 30th 2008
EMP Total May 31st 2008
EMP Total June 30th 2008
EMP Total July 31st 2008
EMP Total August 31st 2008
EMP Total September 30th 2008
EMP Total October 31st 2008
EMP Total November 30th 2008
EMP Total December 31st 2008
EMP Total January 31st 2009
EMP Total February 28th 2009
Procurement Toolkit
A comprehensive and best practice guide to acquiring goods, works and services from third parties.
Nationally Available Contracts
Nationally Available Contracts
Best Practice Contract Management Resources
Notes from the Best Practice Contract Management Collaborative Workshop
Best Practice Contract Management Workshop
Best Practice Contract Management Workshop
Best Practice Contract Management SRM
Best Practice Contract Management Collaboration Workshop
Supplier Portal Training Toolkit
(General) Supplier Portal October 2008
(General) Supplier Portal Training Scenarios
(General) Supplier Portal Training logins
(General) The Guide to Letting Low Value Contracts
(Project) Quickstart Guide to PrOJECt Online
(Project) PrOJECt Online User Notes
(Project) Download the PrOJECt Online FAQs
(Select) Accredit Buyer Adoption Form
(Select) Select Accredit Evaluation Criteria
(Select) Accredit Information Flyer
(Select) The Guide to Certify & Accredit
(Select) Download the SID FAQ
(Select) Download the SID Buyers User Notes

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